So for the past couple years, my boyhood passion for fishing has returned and I just love to be out there holding a rod in my hand, tossing the line in a small river or stream. When I was little I had my Dad to take me to the prime fishing spots but now that I'm on my own I've struggled to catch fish. I guess I need to take some lessons from my wife. We went fishing in Chesterfield Reservoir in Bancroft, Idaho in June. I was so excited to teach Rachael how to fish. She had never caught a fish (that she remembers) before. We were out there about 2 hours and I had gone to the car to get another lure to set-up my pole because whatever I had wasn't working. When I came back Rachael was standing up and her pole was bent almost in half! She was working a fish back to shore... Great job Honey!!!!!!!!!


Michelle said…
Nice catch! I haven't been fishing in years it looks like fun!

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