Boston Here We Come

We did it. We bought our plane tickets and we're heading east. We were going to road trip to NYC in October, but with gas at nearly eleventy billion dollars a gallon, we decided to just fly out to the east. The other day I was looking for plane tickets and trying to figure out how to get in everything we wanted to see, but not wanting to rent a car for 2 weeks. So we found a flight that leaves from Salt Lake, goes to Baltimore on Sept. 30th. We'll hang in DC for about 3 days, take a train up to NYC and hang with Andy and Stef for a few days, then train up to Boston for 4 days, fly out of Boston to Buffalo to check out Niagara Falls and then drive to Palmyra to see the Sacred Grove and other church history sites. We then fly out of Rochester a couple days later on Oct. 16th. We are so excited. If you live in the east or have been there please let us know things we must see or do. Hope to see some of you while we're there!


Miquelyn said…
You guys are so lucky! I'm so excited for you and a whole lot jealous! I have always wanted to do a trip just like your doing. You have so much fun!!
Mel said…
Take us with you!!! Connor had surgery at Mass General and Abi was born in Newton and we LOVE Boston. Here are a few of our favorites in Boston:
1) Duck Tour
2) Freedom Trail - Eat at Fannieul Hall (Canoli, Chowder, Gelato)
3) Bertucci's Pizza
4) Pizzapalooza (very different from Bertucci's)

Where will you settle?
I haven't seen your most recent post and I check your blog everyday. It's weird because I was wondering why you never update your blog and now all of them from May until now show up. It's good to read that you are both doing well. We need to get together when you move back to SLC.
Miranda said…

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