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It's Official

That's right...I'M NOW A PAMPERED CHEF CONSULTANT. If you would like to have a party and get some free things let me know. If you just want to have a catalog party, I can do that to. Or if you just want to order something, I can also do that. I travel too, so I would be more than happy to come to your house if you don't live in Idaho Falls.


Myers Family Reunion

Yes, it is that time again for family reunions. The Myers Family Reunion was held in my parents backyard in Soda Springs. We had lots of fun. We did all sorts of things: eating good food, having birthday cake & ice cream, sleeping, lots of boat rides, swimming in really gross green water, more good food, volleyball, helping the little ones make cardboard cars to go to the "Drive-In", watching the movie Cars, eating popcorn, sleeping, eating zuccinni bread (yummy), more boat rides, washer toss game, guessing number of candies in a jar, amazing dutch oven chicken and potatoes for lunch, lots & lots laughs, and last but not least, making memories with the ones we love. I haven't seen some members of my family for quite some time and it was nice to get together. Thanks everyone that came & made our reunion amazing!

Fun in Rock Springs

We were able to go to Brad's parents house in Rock Springs, WY for a few days. Brad & his dad, Vaughn had planned a fishing trip to Tomahawk Lake in the Wind Rivers.
We got to Rock Springs late Tuesday (14th) night. They got up Wednesday morning at 6am and headed out fishing. They had to drive a few hours and then hike in about 5 miles. They came back later that night with great sucess. They were able to find lots of fish to catch. Needless to say, they were sore, sunburned, mosquito bitten, and tired. Here are a few pictures:

While the boys were out fishing, I stayed home with Elaine (Brad's mom) and helped out with the kids. She runs a day care business in her home. We took the kids to story time at the library and to the movie The Tale of Despereaux. It was fun and the kids enjoyed the movie. After all the kids were gone, Elaine, Lisa (Brad's sister) and I went out to eat and shopping. We found a few exciting things.
Chena got to play with all the day care kids…

Happy Birthday Mom

My (Rachael) amazing mom turned 50th on July 13th. She was able to spend her birthday hiking, enjoying the outdoors and time with friends. She is such a great example to me. We love and appreciate all she does for us. THANK YOU MOM FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE! Not her best picture, but I love to see her relax, because it doesn't happen very often My Mom and Dad @ my Dad's Scout Award Ceremony

4th of July

We had a fabulous weekend with our families. Brad was able to get some time off and it was so nice to have him around. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW.
On Wednesday, we went down to Soda Springs and stayed the night with my family.
On Thursday, Brad, Chena, my sister Lisa, and I went to Bear Lake to swim. Chena loved it and enjoyed swimming around. It was fun to watch her play around. It was such a nice day to be there. We even got a little sun burned. We packed a lunch and ate it on the beach. Thursday afternoon, Brad's parents, his sister Kellee and her family, sister Michelle and her family, sister Lisa and Brad & I went and stayed the weekend in Lava Hot Springs in a yurt. It was so nice. It had 5 queen beds, 2 couches, TV, microwave and fridge. Brad & I brought our tent to sleep in since we had Chena to take care of.
On Friday, we spent most of the day at the pool in Lava. We rode the slides, jumped off the high drives, got some sun, ate some good …