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We are moving to IDAHO!!

We are now the proud renters of an apartment in Idaho Falls, ID. We got a cute two bedroom one bath apartment in a complex called Teton Apartments. It is over 800 square feet...twice as big as our apartment in Utah. Yahoo!!! We will be moving in on Sept 24th. You can send mail after that to:

Brad and Rachael Huntsman
2775 St Clair Road #N104
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Now begins the job search...wish us luck!

4 more ship days

We only have 4 more ships days and then we are done with another great summer in Alaska. I can't believe how fast it has gone but we have really enjoyed our summer up here. It is so beautiful up here. I wish everyone could come up and visit. We are contracted through Sept 18th and our last ship day is Sept 12th. Hopefully, we get a short tour that week and we can head home early. After we get home, we have a few busy weeks with friends to see in Utah, a baby blessing in Boise and a two week trip planned for back east. When we get home from all our traveling, we think we will settled in Idaho Falls, ID. We are not sure what we are going to do so if anyone has any suggestions, we are currently taking applications :)

Can't wait to get home and see all of our families and friends.