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We just got Elfed

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Merry Christmas

Here is our Christmas Card. We are being "green" this year and emailing/blogging it out this year.
Merry Christmas. We hope all is well with you and your family!

Love, Brad and Rachael Huntsman

Caribbean Cruise

Okay I just wanted to brag a little. For working in Alaska for Royal Celebrity/Caribbean last summer, Brad and I both get basically a free cruise. We have to pay taxes and gratuities. So it works out to about $20 a day. Brad has been promising his parents for 3 summers that he would take them, so we decided to take both of our parents. We get two cabins on the boat, I'm not sure how all six of us are going to sleep but it will all work out somehow.

We have to go on a stand by basis. We picked two Eastern Caribbean Cruises that leave in February. They both leave around our one year anniversary. So we get to spend it with our parents. One is an 7 day and the other is 8 days. We bought our plane tickets and its official. We won't know until a few days before the cruise if we get on but it will still be a fun adventure if we won't.

Wish us luck, everyone needs a vacation from the snow in February. You can all count down with us, that is why I put the countdown on ou…

Little Update

Well its been a while since we wrote anything so here is an update. Brad is working for Verizon Wireless. He is in Salt Lake for two more weeks (until Dec 20) for training. I hate being apart! I can't wait to have him back. I was able to come down this weekend and spend it with him. We went to the BYU vs. USU game at the Energy Solutions Center in Salt Lake tonight for free!!! Can't complain about free. It was a great game. GO COUGARS!!! BYU won! Watch out for the USU fans though, they are pretty loud. After the game, we went and walked around Temple Square. I love that place during Christmas. There is such an amazing feeling there.

I am working at the County Extension Office doing office secretary stuff. I love it. It is only 19 hours a weeks. I can come and go at my own time. Its a perfect job for me, especially with Brad gone I can spend the weekend with him.

We had a great Thanksgiving with his family in Mapleton, UT (just south of Provo). His parents and …