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House Update

Last week, we found out that we were not going to close on our house before the end of the month. We quickly found a storage unit and started moving stuff in there. We had to file an extension because our lender is an idiot and didn't get his stuff together very quickly. Last Wednesday, we moved all of our "big stuff" out and little by little the rest of our stuff. I forgot how much "stuff" we have until we moved...and boy do we have a lot. My (Rachael) sister Lisa, came up for Friday and Saturday and helped me clean. Also, we had some very nice ladies from our ward come on Saturday morning and help us finish cleaning. So thanks to everyone's help we were able to be done on Saturday night. It looked so clean, cleaner than it was when we moved in.

This morning (Monday) we had our move out inspection with the apartment. It went really well. I have been stressing over for a while. Chena chewed about 2 inches off the bottom of the door and we lost a 5 …