Summer is halfway over! oops

Well, summer is half over already and we have been so busy. We got to Alaska May 6th and Rach had training for a couple weeks. We then did two tours each before flying to Spokane for my friend, Andy's wedding. We flew overnight sleeping for an hour on the Sea-Tac airport floor. While in Spokane we went to the historic Riverfront Park and fed the Garbage Eating Goat. (see pics above) We then borrowed Andy's car (he was on his honeymoon and we jumped on the opportunity for a free rental car) and drove to Pocatello for Rachael's sister, Tauna's wedding. We drove through Coeur D'Alene and McCall down to Caldwell for a night at my sisters and then on to Rock Springs to hang with the Huntsmans and fit a golf game in. We got to Soda Springs and had a bridal shower for Tauna and then went to Pocatello to get ready for the wedding. After the wedding we headed back to Spokane to drop off the car and fly back so we could get back to work. We've done a few tours since then and we're having a good time, but we're ready for summer to be over so we can finally get a home-base and settle down. We have 9 tours left and we should be driving home on or around the 15th of September. Well, we'll try to keep at least a monthly update in here from now on, once we have cute kids to write about I'm sure we'll add stuff daily. Oh... if any of you know a good maternity insurance... let us know. No, we're not pregnant, just thinking of trying that whole parenting thing out someday and want to be prepared.


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September's on my calendar. I hope you home base is somewhere a little closer than AK.

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