Fishing Like Bears

We decided that looked fun, and we tried our hand at bear fishing. We each caught a few, but the signs told us we couldn't fish within 300 feet of the gulch. Salmon are born in fresh water, and most swim to the ocean for the majority of their lives. Then, after 5-7 years at sea, they swim back to the original spot of their birth and spawn, and die. They are instincively led back to sometimes within 50 feet of where they were born before they die. These salmon were hatchery salmon and were trying to swim back in the fish hatchery, but the hatchery is only allowing a certain number back in, and the rest are left to feed the bears, seagulls, eagles, ravens and other wildlife of the area.


Miranda said…
Love I believe that you caught a fish with your own two hands!
Liesl said…
You two are so cute! Brad, you found a good girl if she can catch a fish w/ her hands!

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