Caribou Classic

On Friday & Saturday, I went to Soda Springs to help my parents with a food stand at the snow machine hill climbs. It was so much fun. We use to help with the hill climbs when I was in high school, so Tauna & I got to re-live some old memories. We made hamburger, hot dogs, walking tacos (a bag of Doritos, taco meat, shredded cheese, lettuce and salsa), hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, chips, candy and soda pop. Friday was a nice day, it was a little over cast. Saturday, on the other hand, was cold and snowy. We sold over 300 burgers on Friday and didn't have any for Saturday so I volunteered to go to Poky and get some more. It was the worst winter driving ever. I started crying on the way there on the freeway and I was ready to pull over and not go any more. But I keep going and finally got to Poky. On the way back, the roads where just a little slushy and not bad at all. We sold lots and lots of food. When we finally left, the road were bare and dry. I would not believed it had snowed that morning if I had not been driving in it. We had a lot of fun. I'm sad that Brad wasn't able to come, he had to work. But I hope there will be more in the future....

This is the starting line, they totally tore up that poor hill

On the left is the return lane, where they would come down the hill

The worker bees

Our little set up

The mud pit we worked in for two days

This show exactly how muddy it was, we were up to our ankles in mud
Dustin - the burger boy

Drinking some hot chocolate

Dad taking a break from grilling


Michelle said…
Wow, I can't believe you sold 300 hamburgers in one day!! I would have been so scared to drive by myself on bad roads. Good job on being safe!
All I can say is that looks like it would have SUCKED!! Crazy women!!!
Deanna said…
CRAZY!!! Looks like you might have had a little bit of fun! :)
Andersen said…
Looks like a ton of fun... all the muddy wet and coldness. I just hate looking at your blog and seeing your count down for your cruise. I want to go!!! Someday it will be my turn :)
The Watsons said…
Bradford-what is up!? I found your blog from Liesl's. How are you? It's been so long. You guys are so fun! Quite the adventurers! A cruise!? Wow- jealous. You'll have to post pictures! Well can I add you guys to our blog?
-Christina (Woolf) Watson
Daniteer1733 said…
OMG! I so know what you are going through. Mammoth is a snow dumping ground! I miss ya Rachael! If you guys feel like skiing I can get you passes at Mammoth! Come visit!

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