Happy New Year!!!

Wow, I can't believe it is already 2009! Where has the time gone. We had a great New Year's and I thought I would share some pictures. Yesterday, we went to Island Park to play in the snow. We had a few days of nice weather in Idaho Falls and it has melted most of our snow. We just pulled over at one of those turn around spot and played in the snow bank. The snow bank was huge. It took us a few running jumps to get over it. The snow was hard and crunchy but so much fun to play in.

Check out the huge snow bank!!!

The snow chairs we made in the snow bank.

Brad LOVING every minute of playing in the snow.

The drive up to Island Park. I didn't think it was this dark and cloudy.

We came home and got ready for dinner. We went to Pocatello to eat dinner with my sister, Tauna and her husband Dustin. We went to Ruby Tuesday and had a great meal there. We went @ 5 pm and it was busy. Tauna had called ahead and got us on "the list" so we didn't have to wait to long. Thank goodness!

Dustin, Tauna, me, Brad @ dinner

After dinner, we went to the Black Swan Inn. I made a reservation for Brad & I to stay in the Rocky Mountain Cabin. It was so amazing! The Black Swan is an amazing place to stay at. I highly recommend it to all of those that need a romantic getaway! You will love it. They had breakfast basket, microwave popcorn, bottled water and Swiss Miss packets for us in our room.

The fireplace was the first thing you saw when we walked in the door.

On top of the fireplace, was a huge moose head and a giant big screen TV.

The tub was next as we walked around the corner. It was really cool and big. The water came out of a barrel.

Next to the tub, was a spiral stair case that lead to a loft area. The bed was in the loft.

This is our bed.

This is a view of the sink area from the stairs.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's!!


How fun!! I am jealous. Take advantage of the fun, when kids come, it is harder to get away!! I am also jealous of the cruise. We were all sick over teh holidays...no fun!! See ya later!

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