So George Bush and Dick Cheney were sitting in a diner getting ready to order breakfast. The cute little waitress comes up to take their order and Bush leans a little closer to her and says, "How 'bout a quickie?" She slaps him across the face and storms off. Dick Cheney, astonished, looks at Bush and says, "You idiot! It's pronounced Keesh".

So last week I was watching food network and they had a Quiche on there and it looked so tasty, so Rach and I decided to give it a try. It turned out so good. I recommend trying it. Basically, make a pie crust. Double recipe so you have a crust for the bottom and for the top. Then, make the filling, which should include about 4 eggs, a cup of your choice of cheese, onions, some breakfast meat... we had leftover Christmas ham, and some shredded potatoes... I recommend boiling the potatoes before, so they are cooked through. Simply fill the pie crust, cover with the other crust, crimp the edges to make it look like a pie crust. Cut a few (3) vent holes in the top crust, prob an inch long. Put it in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes and then turn it down to 300 and cook for 40 more minutes.. Pull it out and devour... I recommend putting spinach and or tomatoes in it, but Rach doesn't like those, so we had the non vegetarian version. Give it a shot. Here's the finished product.


I just made a pot pie last week (very similar to a quiche), so I'm totally gonna try this one out too! Love it! Happy new year!!
Deanna said…
Looks SOOOO good! What a fun room, too! Gotta love those 'turn around' areas...and playing in the snow!
Shae said…
MMM...looks good! Nate's a fan of quiche, and I never make it...maybe I should try it sometime!
Nate and Claire said…
You're lucky your husband is such a good cook! Thanks again for all your help with the Alaska jobs.
Andy said…
I must admit that looks very good. How do I make it without an oven?

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