Boston, Maine, & New Hampshire

Fenway Park - Brad's favorite place. We did a tour and they took us all over. One of the pictures is of some of the original seats from 1934. They were not fun to sit on for very long.

Freedom Trail and Cheers - We walked a little of the Freedom Trail. We went past Paul Revere house, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill and the original Cheers.

Cranberry Harvest Festival - Some of our guests had told us about the cranberry harvest that happens in October. Brad did a little research and found out where it was happening. We went out to a place on the Cape and saw them harvesting the cranberries. Cranberries grow on vines in bogs and then they fill the bog up with a little water and take a machine through them that knocks the berries off the vines. Then they fill the bog up with more water and get a vacuum hose and suck up the berries into a large truck. The berries then go to the Ocean Spray factory that is just down the street. The other interesting thing we learned, is that they rent out bees for a few weeks to pollinate the cranberries.

Plymouth - Brad's ancestors came into America here. His 9th great grandpa was the first governor of the pilgrims.

Maine & New Hampshire


Nate and Claire said…
You are quite the world travelers! Don't you just love Maine? That is my favorite place to go. It is so pretty.
Mel said…
Sniff Sniff. Sob Sob. I miss being in New England. Such good memories. I am so glad you guys got to go and see so much.
You guys are quite the travelers! The east coast is gorgeous! Next trip, you all will have to go to Canada! (I'm half kidding) Where are you two headed next? Yes we are in Rexburg and will be here FOREVER. And, no, I am not naming my first born Bradisfornia. :)Love you guys!
Kj said…
Wow, That cranberry fest looks pretty cool!

Thanks so much for driving up to look at the leaves, and dip your toes in the atlantic, and almost be eaten by a turkey. ( I can't wait until that thing out of our yard and onto our table. Talk about ornery!)

You guys are the BEST!
Lithie Rock said…
Rachel!!!! of course i found you on Nativa's blog. this whole blogging thing is fun, i'm a newB.
how are you? you look fantastic. miss ya. where do you guys live now?
well just wanted to send hugs your wau and wish you a happy halloween!!!!! i love the slide show pics.
Joyce said…
I think it's so neat that you have been able to travel so much and to see so much of the U.S.A. Hooray for you!
You guys are CRAZY BUSY all the time!! Enjoy is while it lasts kids will but a fast HAULT to that life! I love that your having so much fun. I love your blog feels like I'm talking right to you again! I miss ya!

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