Quick Update

We are having an awesome vacation here on the east coast. We spent 3 days in DC and loved every minute. Our legs are KILLING us from all the walking. The first day we felt really ambitious and only rode the Metrorail in to Arlington and then walked to DC... about 2 miles, then proceded to walk around downtown DC all day. We've probably walked 20 miles in the 3 days we were here. We are leaving tomorrow and takin' a bus up to NYC. We got Phantom tickets from Rach's mom for my b-day...Thanks Lorraine, and we got Letterman tickets because it has been a boyhood dream of mine to go see a live taping. I had tickets twice previously, but I wasn't planning on attending NYC, so I had to cancel them. We're so excited to see the city that never sleeps. So Tuesday, watch Letterman everyone. It is at 10:35 mountain and central and 11:35 pacific and eastern on CBS. I'm gonna do everything I can to make it on camera. Well, we'll post pictures as soon as we upload them to my computer. Until then, I hope all is well with all of you.


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