It's coming to an end...

So with the end of the summer rapidly approaching, I have been going through some of the pictures on our camera. I thought I would add a few.

These are some of the clothes you can buy on the train. Brad was the train model for the afternoon.

It rained here for about 5 weeks or so. With all the raining comes flooding. These pictures were taken from the train we were riding in a placed called Nenana. We were the first group to ride the train from Denali to Fairbanks in about 2 weeks or so.

So during all the rain, we took a Kenai Fjords Tour with one of our groups. The tour goes out into the ocean and looks for sea life. Those are sea lions, in case you can't tell. It was a very rainy day but we still went and enjoyed it. We loved being paid to be on vacation with people.

We also stop with some of your tours at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It is a place of injured or orphaned animals. It is a guarneeted wildlife stop. Here are a few of the animals they have there.


Heather B said…
Wow, it's so beautiful up there. And crazy about all the flooding! Thanks for letting me know about your blog, now I just need to catch up on everything!
Looking pretty hot in that pictures in the rain!!! We still want to go to alaska, you guys will have to come w/ and be our tour guides!!
Michelle said…
Wow what a fun job! I love the sea lion picture! I bet you guys are excited that you are almost finished, then off to Idaho! We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

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