Cooking Competition

Brad and I were going to dinner with some friends and decided to make rice krispy treats with some chocolate butterscotch goodness on top. Round 1 was chips did not melt so well. Round 2 was Brad...he has the magic touch because his turned out very nice. You make regular rice krispy and then take a half bag of milk chocolate & butterscotch chips and melt them in the microwave one minute at a time and then pour on top of krispy. That was my big mistake. I tried to melt them first on the stove (not a good idea) then since they were not melting there, I moved them into a microwaved bowl and tried to melt them in there...still not a good idea. I think this is why Brad won.


Fun, Derek and I love cooking. Do you remember the first time I burnt those rolls? By the way the Jam is delicious, I've eaten way too much bread because of it. We loved the dip as well
Shae said…
hahaha....i just have to laugh at the face you're making in that picture. Too funny! As long as one of you knows how to cook, no big deal, right? lol

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