1990 called, they need their hair back

There's this cool site that show's you yearbook pics from different years and you upload your pic and it show's you what you'd look like! These are ours from 1990... I always wanted a mullet. The website is WWW.YEARBOOKYOURSELF.COM


Shae said…
That's too funny! Do you have the link for it?
Michelle said…
Rachael pulls if off very well!!! Brad I love you sweater! lol
I love the hair. So stylish!
TheSmithLife said…
those are both so great! I don't know if I'd have to change David's much since he is so old- just kidding! I think my sister had hair like Rachael's for real. :)
Thompson's said…
Both of you look very hot!
I love this, how fun!! I've been blogstalking you and I always forget to leave comments. I love the fun stuff that you and brad have been doing. What a fun couple you two are, Jase is jealous that you guys were in Alaska for so long. What a great opportunity. And fun pictures, beautiful ones! Well I just wanted to say Hi, I always forget to comment, i just like to look sometimes.

love rachEl
Heather B said…
LOVE IT! Gotta try it!

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