On the move

We're on the move again. Since about 5 years ago I've lived in 5 different places. Oregon and California for the summer, Rexburg for school, and Alaska for work. Rachael lived in Hawaii for two-and-a-half years and then Alaska for a summer where we met and both moved to Salt Lake. Well here we go again. Rach and I are moving back to Alaska for the summer to be tour guides for Royal Celebrity Tours. Above are pictures from the leaving part. We've quit our jobs, packed up everything in our 418 sq ft. apartment and we're on our way. We just barely fit our belongings into and on top of our CR-V and left the rest in Soda Springs at our heated and decorated storage unit.(Thanks Ron and Lorraine) We are now off on a 7 day journey filled with camping in the frozen tundra of northern Canada and probably rainy souther Canada. This year we're gonna check out Skagway and Haines Alaska before arriving in Anchorage on May 6th or 7th.


Mel said…
We miss you! We'll be thinking of you tonight during A.I.
Kj said…
Jeepers! You guys are just go, go, go!!!
Sorry we missed you guys! RACH I need an address for you because I have your bridal shower pictures that Ive been meaning to give you from forever ago!!! Drive safe you two! Come back soon :-)

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