Vegas Vacation

We had a weekend off work for the first time in a long time so we decided we needed to do something fun. There were rumors that 'summer' weather was headed to SLC, but we weren't gonna risk it. Luckily we've got good friends in Vegas who would let us stay at their place, so we hit the road. We got their about 9:45 Friday night and met Dave, Miquelyn and Jeffrey at the movies to see 21. Great movie! The next morning started off with a killer breakfest from Miquelyn and some guitar hero. That game is much tougher than actually playing the guitar. We chekced the temperature outside and it was at least 80, so we decided to check out the pool. We sat in th ehot tub for a few minutes and then decided to jump in the pool. We didn't realize they don't heat it. The water had to be 50 degrees or colder. It took our breath away when we jumped in. It took us about 25 minutes to get used to it. We both got pretty good sunburns and mine(brad) still hurts. Dave was out at some scout jamboree so Rachael, Miquelyn and I went downtown to have lunch at In & Out and go to the M & M factory before we realized Dave would be home soon and didn't have a way inside, so we headed back. We got home and Dave and Jeffrey were just getting there with Rockband in tow. We set up the video game and rocked out for a few hours. The day ended with a Cheescake Factory meal and some more rockband until about midnight. On Sunday we went back down to the strip to take a few pictures and grab some lunch and we headed back. It was a much needed vacation from the winter. On Monday, our first day back at work, it was about 80 degrees, but today we woke up with snow on the ground. Not cool! I'm sick of winter... and we're moving to Alaska???? hmmm.


Hey! It is ashlee, shane's wife. That is awesome that you are married now! Your wife is beautiful! And you two look very happy together! Congrats!
Burk Family said…
Rach!! It's been WAY too long. I am so glad I found your blog! I found it through Susiane, then Nativa, then to you! You look happy! I am going to read more on your blog but I'm totally beat tonight. But I didn't even know you got married! How fun!
Kj said…
You and your sunburns.
Cristine said…
i dont know you guys but i love reading your blog and you look very compatible. congratulations and wish you all the best! :)

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