Wow! Where has all the time gone. The holidays have come and gone and we haven't blogged about anything.

We spend Thanksgiving at my parent house in Soda Springs with 75 other family members. It was so much fun to get together and eat good food. We had a blast.

For Christmas, we were able to go Rock Springs to spend time the Brad's family. All three of his sisters and their families were there. His sister, Michelle, had a baby on Nov 3o so we were able to meet him, have him blessed and spend time with the family.

For New Years, my sister Lisa and her friend came up and we played Wii games & had some really good food. They bought up Guitar Hero and we rocked all night long. I've found a new favorite game for the Wii.

Brad has his gallbladder out on Jan 4 and is recovering very nicely from that. His parents came up this weekend and were able to spend some time with us.

We have decided to stay in the Idaho Falls area for a long time and have started to look for a house. We have found a few good ones. So we will keep you posted when we have found the one. It has been very educational and a lot to take in but we are loving it and know the right one is just around the corner.

Other than that, we have been busy working and spending time together. It seems like we have been really busy but I'm not sure doing what.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is having a great New Year!


Thanks for the update. Remember that I was a Housing counselor before I moved out here so call me if you have any questions about the whole process. Wish we were homeowners but I can wait. You need to give me a call sometime.
Deanna said…
I can't wait for more house details!!! :)
Claire said…
Hope Brad is recovering well! Sounds like you guys had some fun holidays!
I noticed that both Michelle and your posts were done 16 hrs ago! how cool is that....
its nice to hear from. Sorry about Brad, we hope he gets better soon.
Good luck finding a good house.

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