Myers Family Reunion

Yes, it is that time again for family reunions. The Myers Family Reunion was held in my parents backyard in Soda Springs. We had lots of fun. We did all sorts of things: eating good food, having birthday cake & ice cream, sleeping, lots of boat rides, swimming in really gross green water, more good food, volleyball, helping the little ones make cardboard cars to go to the "Drive-In", watching the movie Cars, eating popcorn, sleeping, eating zuccinni bread (yummy), more boat rides, washer toss game, guessing number of candies in a jar, amazing dutch oven chicken and potatoes for lunch, lots & lots laughs, and last but not least, making memories with the ones we love. I haven't seen some members of my family for quite some time and it was nice to get together. Thanks everyone that came & made our reunion amazing!


Andy said…
You did all of that in your backyard. Is it a magic yard?

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