4th of July

We had a fabulous weekend with our families. Brad was able to get some time off and it was so nice to have him around. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW.

On Wednesday, we went down to Soda Springs and stayed the night with my family.

On Thursday, Brad, Chena, my sister Lisa, and I went to Bear Lake to swim. Chena loved it and enjoyed swimming around. It was fun to watch her play around. It was such a nice day to be there. We even got a little sun burned. We packed a lunch and ate it on the beach. Thursday afternoon, Brad's parents, his sister Kellee and her family, sister Michelle and her family, sister Lisa and Brad & I went and stayed the weekend in Lava Hot Springs in a yurt. It was so nice. It had 5 queen beds, 2 couches, TV, microwave and fridge. Brad & I brought our tent to sleep in since we had Chena to take care of.

On Friday, we spent most of the day at the pool in Lava. We rode the slides, jumped off the high drives, got some sun, ate some good snacks and swam, swam, & swam. I hadn't been to Lava since I was little so it was fun to go back. They have done so much to improve that place. We paid a little extra and got wrist bands so we could get into the hot pools that night. We went back to camp and Dennis (Kellee's husband) made us a great dutch oven chicken and potato dinner. Then we played some games, roasted some marshmallows and went to bed. It had rained really bad and our tent leaked. My sleeping bag and mat were soaked. So we ended up going to Soda Springs to stay the night.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we ran a 5K (3.1 miles). We had done a little training but not as much as we should have. I had a really hard time. Soda has a lot more hills than I thought. I started running and immediately my side started to cramp. So needless to say, I walked more than I wanted to but I finished and that's all I wanted to do. Brad did really good!! He ran it in 42 minutes. He wanted to beat his sister Lisa and he did by 4 seconds. But his Dad, Vaughn, ran it in 37 minutes. He's amazing! After the race, we watched the parade, walked around city park, saw some old friends, the kids played some games, and ate some good food. The boys then went golfing and the girls went back to Lava to take a nap. That night we ate some more good food and roasted more marshmallows. We stayed in Lava for the fireworks. We were about to take our chairs out to the edge of our camp spot and sit & watch them. Elaine & Michelle got us some glow in the dark braclets and sparklers. I ♥ sparklers & fireworks.

It was so nice to be able to spend some time with his family. We were all able to be there. Thanks again, Vaughn & Elaine for all you do for us....we love you!

Hope everyone else had a great 4th!


Michelle said…
I had so much fun too!
Deanna said…
How wonderful! So sorry your sleeping bag was soaked...no fun! I love the pics, and HOORAY for doing such a great job on your race!!! You're my inspiration for running...THANK YOU!
Andy said…
I am glad that I looked through the pics. Until I did I was pretty sure that yurt was a typo. Now I know that it is a real thing (atleast in Idaho).
Joyce said…
You are a good example to me. I want to learn to be a runner. My problem is that I don't want anyone to watch me try. So I'm a closet runner. And there's not that much room in my closet.

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