We have been doing some fishing lately and have taken some good pictures. I am also a proud owner of the Ugly Stick fishing pole. It works really great. I haven't caught anything with it yet, but I will. We went fishing at Palisades Dam on Saturday and had a great time. Chena loved playing in the water. She ran circles with her mouth open. It was cute, so we took a little video.

Chena hiding in the weeds

The lake we were fishing on

On our way home, we came around a corner and saw some deer on the road. We pulled over and saw a baby deer about 20 ft off the road. We got out and took some pictures. The deer was probably born the day before. It was still in a ball and wasn't walking.

Brad had today off and I had to work so he took Chena and went fishing. They went to lots of different places but didn't have any luck. He took some good pictures so here are a few.


Oooh! We love fishing! Where did you go - that looks like a beautiful place.
Deanna said…
looks like you guys had a blast!!! :) Chena's getting so big! :)

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