Little Update

Well its been a while since we wrote anything so here is an update. Brad is working for Verizon Wireless. He is in Salt Lake for two more weeks (until Dec 20) for training. I hate being apart! I can't wait to have him back. I was able to come down this weekend and spend it with him. We went to the BYU vs. USU game at the Energy Solutions Center in Salt Lake tonight for free!!! Can't complain about free. It was a great game. GO COUGARS!!! BYU won! Watch out for the USU fans though, they are pretty loud. After the game, we went and walked around Temple Square. I love that place during Christmas. There is such an amazing feeling there.

I am working at the County Extension Office doing office secretary stuff. I love it. It is only 19 hours a weeks. I can come and go at my own time. Its a perfect job for me, especially with Brad gone I can spend the weekend with him.

We had a great Thanksgiving with his family in Mapleton, UT (just south of Provo). His parents and sisters came down and got to spend some time with them. We went to Soda Springs on Thursday night. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we go get Christmas trees with my mom's family. It's great and we had a fun time getting our tree. See the pictures below. When I get a picture of the tree all pretty, I'll post it.

Me sawing down our tree

Brad & I with our tree

My family - minus my little sister Tauna and little brother Telford

Lisa, Brad & I on the drive out


Andy said…
What do the USU fans do?

I did not know you could cut down your own Christmas tree. I will try that in Central Park. Wish me luck
Michelle said…
I love you new background!! The picture of the temple is beautiful!!! Good luck on your own for 2 more weeks, hopefully it goes quickly for you!
You came to Utah and didn't call us? What?! I thought we were friends?
Joyce said…
Hey. My family and I, along with my son-in-law's family, were on Temple Square at the same time as you! Along with thousands of other people. It was crazy, huh. Yes, USU fans are enthusiastic for sure. That's why BYU wouldn't even go to Logan to play them - because the stadium gets too loud. But heck, they need something to be excited about because their football program isn't that hot.

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