We got a PUPPY!!

Chena playing in the woods
Her first water experience
Sleeping at Ron and Lorraine's
Rach taught her to get on the bed. :-(
Chena with her first toy.... She ate it... oops

Usually for me(Bradford), around March/April, I get spring fever and I need some change.  It all started with working in Alaska.  Around this time I would usually zone out of whatever else I was doing and concentrate on getting ready for Alaska.  So this year we have made the unfortunate decision to not go to AK, so we were itching for some change.  So, we decided to get a puppy.  We went to PetSmart and they said that the Humane Society comes on Saturdays.  As is usual with Rach and I, once we make a decision we get it done quick.  So that weekend we found Chena.  She is a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix.  She was 6 months old when we adopted her.  She and her siblings were found on the side of the highway abandoned.  We named her Chena after a river in Alaska.  Our second choice was Nuchalawaya (inside joke).  We are so excited for this new addition to our family.  But don't worry Elder Oaks, we're still trying to have kids too.


How fun! Where do you guys live? It looks beautiful there! Congrats on the cute puppy too!
Mel said…
Hi Chena....I love you already! I can't wait to meet you.
Ya good luck on the puppy stage! I'm beyond grateful that ours is nearly through being a puppy! She looks so cute!!!
That last sentence cracked me up. Just enjoy your freedom while you have it! :) You guys are awesome.

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