We got all sorts of camping stuff for our wedding, so we decided to go to Moab and try them out. We have some friends down there we wanted to see and then go to the national parks. We had three days off from work and decided to go. We arrived in Moab about 7 pm at night. We thought we were in luck to set up our tent in the light. We took a turn into the BLM land to find an open spot that would let us have a camp fire. It is not camping without a fire, hot dogs and marshmallows. After an hour of driving and still no camp spot, we head into Moab to find something else. We called severals places and finally found one that would let us have a fire. We camped at OK RV Park. It was a great little place. We set up our tent and decided to make the classic camp dinner...yes that's right, hot dogs & marshmallows.

After a night's sleep under the stars, we got up and had a great breakfast. We decided to go into Arches National Park to do some hiking and sight seeing. We stopped at Park Ave first and hiked around there for a while. Then we went to The Windows and Turret Arch. Once we got done hiking around there, we decided to eat a little lunch. It is a good thing we did, our next hike our took it out of us. We decided to go hike Delicate Arch. For those of you that don't know your Utah history, that is the arch that is on the license plates here. It was pretty amazing. According the the map it said it was only 3 miles round trip, but that was the longest three miles of my life. But it was well worth it. After driving around some more, we decided to head back into Moab for some dinner. We made the best tin foil dinners ever! They were delicious.

The next day we headed into Canyonlands National Park. It was amazing to see the difference between the two parks. They are only 20 miles apart but the landscape is totally different. We did a little hiking around there and then went back into Moab for a little lunch. We ate at the Moab Brewery. After a little lunch, we stopped by Moab Adventure Center to see some good friends from Soda Springs.

Moab is such an amazing place, highly recommended by the Huntsman family.


Kj said…
Ooh, how COOL! Arches is next on my long list of places to see.
Michelle said…
It looks like you guys had tons of fun! I want to go to Moab someday!
Miranda said…
How fun! That is one thing I really miss about Utah
YOu guys are preparing the lesson for FHE right? Hope so! call us when you get a chance:)

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