After our luncheon, we rushed out of town and headed straight to the SLC airport and flew to Long Beach Airport. If you've never been here before, it's the white trashiest airport I've ever been to. Instead of big terminals, there are trailers everywhere that serve as the waiting rooms. So when you land, you get to feel like the pope or the president and walk down the stairs of the plane. But, it was cheaper than LAX, so, being a newly married poor married couple, we took the cheap way out. Our first night we spent in a hotel near Disneyland. it was close to the airport and we didn't get in until about 10 pm. I won't go into more detail about that.... ;-)
The next day we drove into Hollywood and checked out the Walk of Fame.... not that cool really. They used to give those to big named stars, now everyone gets one.... Ryan Seacrest has one.... what's up with that. While there we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Guiness Book of Records Museum. Next, my wonderful new wife was gracious enough to let me drive all around my old mission areas so I could get all sentimental and stuff. After visiting Reseda, we ate at In and Out Burger(if you haven't, you must) and went to Woodland Hills. We then drove up the PCH to Santa Barbara, where we were staying at the Old Yacht Club for the next 2 days. It was amazing! We walked the beach the next day and got our charicature's drawn by some hippy.
Monday we went to Long Beach to get on our Cruise! During the cruise we went to Catalina and drove around the island on a golf cart, went to Ensenada and learned to make Mexican food, and we spent Valentine's day in bed... but not for good reasons... because the new groom was a little sea sick.
We got off the cruise on Friday and went to the Santa Monica Peir for lunch. We ate at a little mexican restaurant at the end of the peir and had to compete for our food with the local pigeons. After we left the peir we went to the LA temple for an afternoon session. It is an amazing temple. We then met up with my uncle Jay and aunt Karen at the Staples Center for a Kings v. Calgary Flames hockey game. We first ate at an exclusive members only restaurant in the Staples Center called "The Grand Reserve". It was a buffet style restaurant but had choices such as lobster mashed potatoes, filet mingon, and shrimp cocktail. I accidently saw the bill which was almost as much as my car payment! Thanks Jay and Karen. As we entered the arena, we went down to row 4 behind the Kings bench and it was amazing. The Kings slaughtered the Flames and we got to see it up close. The best was seeing the players slam each other into the boards just a few feet from where we sat. A couple of good fights broke out and a player in the penalty box broke out a box of doughnuts to keep himself busy. Friday was a great day!
Saturday we woke up and drove to the airport and flew home. Finally... sleeping in our own bed! We'll post pictures below


Katoba said…
oh..wonderful story. Hold on! r we allowed to post comments? i am an exception!
I love your honeymoon story..had it not been for you, i would not have entered Logan Temple so soon, thankyou.
what a handsome couple and by the way, honeymoon is forever!

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