It's gonna be a boy!

We're having a baby boy in April! We're so freaking excited! I (brad) and more excited that I was right than I was about the outcome of the ultrasound. As a husband I only get to be right once in a while. HAHA. We are working on picking a name but are open to some suggestions. Let's hear your name choices for little baby boy huntsman.


TheSmithLife said…
YaY!!!! So excited for you guys... always fun picking a name- check out your family tree for some names :)
Trev "N" Dez said…
Congrats!! Boys are so fun and so easy! You'll have to watch out for him though because from the looks of it he is not too concerned about his privacy!! Great shot to find how what your having!!! :)
Carrie said…
We like traditional names and try to have at least the first or the middle name be a family name. I don't know about Rachael's family, but you have about a million names to choose from. Good luck and Congratulations!
Mel said…
Hip-Hip-Hooray! I can't tell you just how thrilled I am for you two.
Congratulations you two,we are excited for you.I think you will pick the best name, so i will not suggest one:)
Yay Brad!! I am so excited for you and Rachael to become parents. I just love being a mommy. What a great blessing!

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