Weekend for Birthday Fun

We just got back from an fun early birthday weekend in Salt Lake. We were there from Friday morning to Sunday evening.

Friday, when we got into Salt Lake, we went to Joe Morley's with some friends to eat lunch. It was delicious BBQ. One of my best friends, Miranda & her husband Mano & daughter Sami, flew in from Hawaii to visit her parents in Sandy and we were able to spend some time with them. After lunch, the girls went to go get "pedicures". Brad's birthday is on the 12th and I wanted to do something fun for it. I got us a room at the Holiday Inn Express in Sandy, UT. The girls went with me to help decorate the room while Brad went to get a haircut. I got him this yummy fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. It was so good. It came in a football. I also made him a BYU blanket for the game to help keep us warm. Thanks Deanna for all your help...I couldn't have done it without you :)

That night, we went to the BYU vs Utah State football game in Provo. We went with Miranda & Mano to the game. It was a great game and they won. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. It had snowed earlier in the week so I was really afraid we were going to freeze.

Saturday we went and ate lunch with some friends. We went to Tucanos in Provo Canyon.

It was delicious as always....thanks Felt's.

After lunch, Brad went with his dad shopping and I went with his mom & sister's shopping at Ikea. It was a very successful trip. Elaine (Brad's mom) bought us a dinning set for his birthday & an early Christmas present from there. So I bought some chair cushions & a nice rug to go in our kitchen.

It is an awesome table that has two leaves that pull out so you can have it small or big. It's great. We have some other tables & a bookshelf from Ikea and now they all match. I bought some red cushions to go with. They look really good, if I can say that.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Thanks again Vaughn & Elaine :)

That night we went to Mapleton, to his Grandpa's house. Brad and him have the same birthday and they are turning opposites this year. Grandpa will be 92 & Brad will be 29. We had delicious pumpkin pie & pumpkin dessert.

Sunday, we had breakfast with some good friends, watched the first session of Sunday morning conference and drove home.

A big thank you also goes to my parents & Lisa for watching Chena for us while we play. She loves it there!

It was a such a great weekend...Thanks to all that made it memorable. Enjoy some random pictures from the weekend.


Brianna said…
How fun, Rach! Sounds like you had a successful and enjoyable weekend. I think we almost bought that table or one similar at IKEA! I have to be in the perfect mood to go there. It is probably good that I'm rarely in that mood otherwise I would buy a LOT of fun stuff in there. Happy birthday, Brad, if I don't get to say it when it comes up! Gettin' old! Ü Just kidding, Andy turned 30 this summer, so he's still got ya beat.
Carrie said…
Looks like you've been having fun! Also looks like you have been canning. Me too! Let me know if you ever need a place to stay in SLC (though it looks like you have quite a few family members). Happy Birthday to Brad!

Cousin, Carrie
Mel said…
Hello my friend. I haven't forgotten about you. I miss you all the time and I am just so disconnected from the world. Sorry! Please know I think of you often and would love to see you next time you are in town. Happy Birthday Brad!
jaclyn said…
just found your blog.you two look like a very cute couple.good day!

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