Happy Birthday to my wife

Today is Rach's B-day.  She's the big 27.  I love her so much and am so happy she is in my life.  We had a wonderful party with her family today and some scrumptious food was partaken of.  We will post some pics later. LOVE YOU RACHY RACH.


Rachy Rach!! I'm so glad you call her that Willard would be so proud!! Happy Birthday Rach!! Hope it was a great one for ya!
Heather B said…
Happy Birthday Rach!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rachael.....you are ONLY 24 days older than me!!
Michelle said…
Happy Birthday again! Brad don't you know you are never to tell a women's age? Just Kidding.
Happy birthday Rach, i'm glad your in my life too:)
Joyce said…
A sweet tribute from your hubby. Hope you had a good birthday.

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