A New Commitment to Ourselves!

This is for all of you that are feeling really FAT this time of year.  

I have been able to get away with wearing hoodies, long sleeve shirts, sweater and jeans all winter but now it is summer, I ready to bust out the capri's, shorts and shorter sleeve shirts.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to put on my jean capri's and they didn't fit...not even close.  My clothes are feeling a little tighter & nothing seems to fit anymore.  


Brad & I are running a 5K (3 mile) race in July so we have started to train a little bit.  I have been getting in a little more exercise but I need more.  We have only been jogging a day or two a week, but this morning while we were out, we decided enough is enough.  It was such a beautiful morning.  We are running around the "green belt" in Idaho Falls that goes passed the temple and the falls, that is a 3 mile loop.  It was so nice to be out @ 8 am in the beautiful sunshine. It was so nice to run pass the temple, the falls and the beautiful park we have.  Chena loves it too!  She was chasing all the little gosslings, geese and ducks around and into the water.  I think she would have dove in after them if Brad would have let her.  I came home this morning feeling so good & thought why don't we do this every morning.



Welcome to post marital weight gain. It happens to the majority or us...I'm jealous of those who are skinny minis without even trying. I love running, you two will have so much fun running together and your dog will love you! Good luck on your race:)Please consider running a marathon one day, its the greatest feeling to finnish one. I'd also be nice to have someone to talk to.
Michelle said…
Way to go, it is hard to work out and keep it up so i'm glad that you have set a goal for yourself! Good luck!
Rob and Crys said…
That is fantastic. It is great that you have found something to do together, I would think that will help keep you both motivated!
Joyce said…
You are my heroes. It's just what I need to do.

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