Thumbs way down for Twilight

I (Rachael) rented Twilight from Redbox last night and I was very disappointed in it! I had this great story all planned out in my head and it was NOTHING like it was in my head. It never is but I had a little hope. First off, Edward is not cute! Edward's parents are way to young to be real. Jasper looks horrible. He has no personality. Charlie is not fat enough and Jacob needs to be taller and a little bigger. He is suppose to be this big, strong guy and he is not. Some of the scenes were that horrible gray/green that just made it look bad. This is one of the reasons why I don't read books is because the movie just ruins it all for me. Good thing it was free, I would have been mad if I would have spend $9.50 on it.

This is all MY opinion, I know there are lots out there that loved it so don't hate me, I'm just expressing my disappointment.


I would have to say that I was not too happy with the movie rendition either. I thought that Edward should have been better looking and not so gay. The father would have been a much better pick. Now I thought the same thing about Jacob then I remembered that he is not big until after he transitions. So I think he will look different in the next movies. I think that if you had not read the book it would have been hard to follow because they really flew through they story. I agree a total let down from the books!
That's funny because I also watched Twilight last night! In fact, Doug was so disgusted that we only watched an hour, and I finished it this afternoon. I totally agree with your assesment. LAME movie. It's like they just recreated scenes from the book in random order with no emotion to link them together so that they made sense. Although, I have to say I did not like the books either. I think it sends the WRONG message to teenage girls. Bella would rather die than be without Edward?? Give me a break! Ok, enough ranting. :)
Cassandra said…
I concur. I like the books...Seriously disappointed with the movie. My imagination is soooo much better! Hopefully, New Moon won't be as ridiculous. (bigger budget, new director)
Michelle said…
Well I'm glad to hear your review. I have not seen the movie yet because I loved the books so much and I didn't want it to ruin it for me. Now I will probably not see the movie. Sorry for you time you spent watching a terrible movie!
Andersen said…
I was pretty disappointed in the graphics. I hope on the next movie they do better.
Monica said…
I couldn't agree with you more, loved the books, hated the movie!! I'll still go see the next one though, if for nothing else then the laugh factor.

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