We are moving to IDAHO!!

We are now the proud renters of an apartment in Idaho Falls, ID. We got a cute two bedroom one bath apartment in a complex called Teton Apartments. It is over 800 square feet...twice as big as our apartment in Utah. Yahoo!!! We will be moving in on Sept 24th. You can send mail after that to:

Brad and Rachael Huntsman
2775 St Clair Road #N104
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Now begins the job search...wish us luck!


Danae said…
Hi Rachael! I am so excited you are moving to Idaho Falls! I hope I get to see you lots and lots! Call me when you get there, we can get together.
Thompson's said…
Awesome to go to idaho falls. Looks like you will be just a few miles from Tyler. Maybe he can help in finding you a job.
Yay for coming back to the mainland. I can't wait to hang out with you guys when you come down!! Let me know when and we can plan something with the Rodebacks.

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